Paul Tyrrell

Hi, I'm Paul from Melbourne, Australia and thanks for stopping by. Firstly no watermarks will appear on any purchased prints. PLEASE keep reading on this text via scrolling. * IT'S IMPORTANT*
All photos are available for purchase and are professionally printed with a superb finish to suit you. The amount of different media to print on is very extensive from plane, glossy and metallic paper, to advanced wraps, canvas and pre mounted prints on metal. The quality of the prints are second to none from the outstanding labs that SmugMug have chosen. The decision is yours and the job they do for us, to please you, is of the highest calibre.

NOW FOR THE CHECKOUT, please follow the provided boxed outlines until you find a size that leaves no black lines on the edges for standard prints and the least amount of blue for canvas prints that need to cover the sides.

Depending on which medium you choose to print on you might get another white box. It's all explained visually and I hate to come off sounding condescending but I do have a couple of prints that will not fit perfectly. Once you click OK, what you then see is EXACTLY what is delivered to you.

All my prints are copyright protected and please do not use, reproduce or distribute them on any format without written consent for personal or professional use. To SHARE them via social media is fine but please use the links provided so they are directed back to my site out of courtesy. Those links are found inside the lightbox once the photo is open full screen. Feel free to spread the love if you feel it ;)

I have worked in multi media for over 20 years now, but unfortunately I fell ill in 2010 and in my spare time or good days as I like to call them, I try to get out to photograph whatever I find interesting.

I'm still re-learning the endless advances in the world of digital photography, as I was taught on film, but I'm getting there. The one nice thing about this venture back to photography is that I'm not working for anyone. I'm not being told what to do as I can't actually book work because I might not be able to make it on the day. It's been extremely liberating to just wander around and shoot what I like, there's no daily deadlines anymore but this unfortunately leads to no income, so I have fallen back on my first love. Photography. This is a stock library and I don't accept working jobs.

I hope you like my work and will understand better as to why I chose this name for my company. I just do what I can when I can.

There will be a slow ongoing of additions to my online folio as I slowly breathe new life into some older work from travels. I'm not a huge fan of putting everything into sub-folders so you get to see all the different facets of my work all mixed in together.

Thanks and enjoy,


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